Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Writing A Class

Writing A Class In Processing

As I'm not a programmer my understanding of the lingo needs improving I decided to investigate it. This tutorial by Daniel Shiffman (lots of good stuff on his website) helped me understand how they work.

Get to the chopper!

So me and a friend Micheal were drinking a few in my room and he suggested we make an app that when the button is pressed a random jpeg is displayed along with an mp3- we didn't get that far, but the next day i looked over it and decided to make it work but i would use classes.

Say cheese!

The Arnold app

All the libraries i used should be included with processing. A problem i couldn't work out is that i wanted to be able to be a bit "trigger happy" with the mouse button, So that if the user didn't like the mp3 being played they could simply click and a new picture and mp3 would be played. I couldn't figure it out and we think its something to do with having one audio player object, having more would overkill for a small app. The solution would be to find a new library with better features and use something "better" like Python.

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