Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Solar tracker

Solar tracker 


Its been a while! ive got a few more projects that im working on. Im looking into building a balancing two wheeled robot, the chip im using is a MPU-6050 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope which im having trouble getting my head around.. i found code to get values from it ive just got to find a suitable project to demonstrate it, i am also in the process of building a P.C.

I was interested in this because the code can be used for a line following robot, also for solar panel applications.


A servo
Bread board
Cardboard and tape to separate the two LDR's
2 LDR's
Two resistors, im using 550 ohms


The voltage received from the LDR's is compared with each other with a tolerance of 10 added, this is to stop the servos from jittering when say a cloud passes over one of them. If one voltage is bigger than the other the servos will move in 1 degree increments untill they are equal.

The Circuit

The left LDR is connected to A1 the right to A2, between these connections is a resistor connected to ground, with the other leg of the LDR's connected to 5V.


The positioning/angle of the LDR's really affect the accuracy of the system, and should be as symmetrical as possible.


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